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We are so THANKFUL you would like to volunteer at GHES.

Some important information to know:


Volunteer in classroom

You do not need a background check to volunteer in the school. You do however need to check in at the Front Office. Checking in with the computer requires a photo ID (driver's license), which serves as the background check. The computer will print a sticker to put on so others in the school can identify that you are a visitor on campus. You will need to check out when leaving as well. 



Volunteer for field trips


  • To chaperone a field trip you will need to fill our this background check form by Secure Volunteer:  Click Here!

  • After filling it out let your child's teacher know you have filled it out and they will get it processing. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to get processed.  You should receive an email from the district and a card in the mail once you it has been processed and you have been approved.